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You're going to laugh, but there was a time when I would not allow my children to play kid games during the day for fear someone would see my kids playing games! I was afraid that I would have to explain why they were not in homeschool studying!

That was a l-o-n-g time ago. Before I knew how important it was for them to play games.

We play games most anytime now, and lots of them!
Have you played a fun game? Share it with us!

With over twenty years of homeschooling under our belt, we have uncovered a slew of fun games for kids that are a blast to play. Some are even educational at the same time, if you can believe that!

Each link (below) will take you to another page with the games we recommend. I know you will have as much fun playing with these favorites as we do.

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Rush Hour is a play alone strategy game. The object is to see if you can move the red car out of the traffic jam through the opening on the right (near the purple truck). We set up an example for you here. One possible move can be seen on the Educational Games page!

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What Fun Games Have You Played?

Wait! Before you "Pass Go", share with us a favorite game you play(ed)!

What Games Other Visitors Have Played:

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Cranium Playground 
Cranium Playground is for ages 4 and up. If you ever played Cranium and liked it, this game is basically the same only for little ones. It's a lot of fun …

Preschool Games 
My 3 year old recently got a bunch of different preschool games as gifts (Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, & Hi Ho Cherry O. And oh wow, it brought back …

I Spy Word Scramble 
My daughter received I Spy Word Scramble for Christmas...we can't tear ourselves AWAY from it! SOOOOOO FUN and CHALLENGING and USEFUL for spelling and …

EuroRails is a game of strategy for older kids and adults. You need to plan well and spend your money building rail tracks into and out of cities. You …

Balderdash is all about creativity. You get a word and have to make up a meaning for it. It's wonderful fun and really stretches the mind. Diane's …

Medieval 2 Total War  
Medieval 2 Total War is yet another fun and long-lasting game to play. It is similar in many ways to Rome Total War except there are a few new things …

Apples to Apples 
We get a kick out of playing the word game Apples to Apples! We have lots of fun laughing at the combinations of nouns and adjectives that come up during …

Slips has hilarious outcomes. Any number of people can play. Each player has a slip of paper...11x 2 (You can get 4 from 1 sheet!) Write: …

We recently bought Bananagrams and just love it. It is so much fun to watch the kids work at spelling words that are bigger and better than their siblings'! …

Rome Total War 
Rome Total War is undoubtedly one of the more complex strategy games out there. Everything is in this game: assassins, spies, huge armies, a family …

Age of Empires 3 
Experience the ultimate in RTS with Age of Empires 3 , witness the expansion of your empire from the battlefield to the Home City, and watch enemy …

Age of Mythology  
Experience the mood of the gameplay using the special effects that Age of Mythology gives you. It is a very fun RTS game which anybody could play. …

Age of Kings  
Challenge yourself and lead your civilization to victory playing Age of Kings It's a fun game I would recommend to anybody who enjoys playing …

Cash Flow For Kids 
Children learn important financial strategies and principles as they play Cash Flow For Kids by Robert Kiyosaki. It is wonderful in that kids not only …

I really like the new Pictionary game because it's a lot different from the old game. With the old game, you had to get up in front of a whole group of …

Teach reading skills and following directions, as well as strategy with this great card game, Fluxx (by Looney Labs). Every game is different. The instructions …

My all time favorite game as a child, and still today, as an adult, has and will always be SCRABBLE. It can be played by 4 people. You each receive a …

Empire Builder 
Teach geography and the laws of supply and demand at the same time with Empire Builder by Mayfair Games, Inc. It is a fun game that can be played by kids …

Settlers of Catan 
Players are the settlers of a new island known as Catan in this wonderful Settlers of Catan game. The game board is made up of numerous hexagon shaped …

Mind Your Manners 
Visuals and interesting conversations about subjects/topics when playing Mind Your Manners. Counting/colorful/great cards for "reminders" when generalizing …

A great way for kids to learn the names of common cities around the United States, play TransAmerica! My kids, well, some of them...the 4 and up group...love …

Carcassonne Not rated yet
The Carcassonne board game involves an element of puzzle building as well as strategy. When my son was 4 he could understand how to fit the pieces together …

Scattergories!! Not rated yet
Scattergories is a great game. My sister got this game as a gift when we were teens and we have been playing it ever since. It's a great game for 2 people …

Last Word!! Not rated yet
Last Word is so much fun and a lot of laughs! It's fun to see what people come up with. Sometimes you have to get really creative! I would say this game …

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Sign Alphabet Not rated yet
This sign alphabet game was totally made up! We recently traveled to Texas and Arizona to visit family. On our way to Texas, after three days in a car, …

Math Race Not rated yet
Line the kids up at a starting line for the big Math Race ! Ask MATH questions appropriate toward each age level. Kids can request EXTRA challenge …

Monopoly Deal Not rated yet
Monopoly Deal is a card game that is very inexpensive. Instead of trying to gather the most money you try to gather 3 sets of properties. But some …

Scrabble Slam Not rated yet
Scrabble Slam is a fast paced and educational card game. It can get funny at times. Diane's Reply: We played this game at my niece, Rachel's. …

Toss Across Not rated yet
Finally, a game that lets the kids throw stuff in the house! My kids are 5 and 2 and Toss Across is a game that they enjoy playing together. And hubby …

Ten Days in the USA Not rated yet
Wish I could give a great explanation as to why we like Ten Days in the USA so much, but I can't...just play it! It is fun and easy for all ages from some …

Rise of Nations Not rated yet
Rise of Nations is a fun game to play and pass the time because there are many different ways to play and win and different civilizations to choose …

Shadow of the Colossus Not rated yet
Shadow of the Colossus is fun to play because it's hard to figure out and a blast to explore the little "world". It's about a young boy …

Learning Vocabulary Fun Not rated yet
The Learning Vocabulary Fun website is dedicated to all kinds of word games that build vocabulary. My favorite is "Hang Mouse", which is similar to …

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