Fun Dog Games For Kids

Pet Games For Kids

What could be more enjoyable than dog games for kids? Because you have children, a pet is a must. Whether it be a turtle or a tarantula.

For us, we chose man’s best friend. And she has been just that!

We got her the year Garrett was born and named her Liberty, as she was due to be born on the 4th of July.

Since she was raised with our children, she learned to be very patient.

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Just a quick example…she is the only dog I know that while she’s eating, will allow you to lift one of her hind legs and not flinch.

But, you wanted to know what our favorite dog games for kids were!

Let's start with Liberty's favorite...Fetch. You know, a dog will fetch just about anything.

From a ball, to a stick, to a Frisbee, the possibilities are endless. As long as it fits in their mouth, you’re set!

Just so you know, (we’re giving you fair warning here) if Lib had her way, she would fetch ‘round the clock!

Grandpa and Liberty are best buds, especially at the cottage. She loves fetching her stick out of the lake, too.

Another favorite is Hide and Seek. The children enjoy hiding and she likes to seek! If you'd like to play Hide and Seek with your dog, it will be helpful if your pet already knows how to Sit-Stay-Come.

The fun always begins in the kitchen. Only because that's where we keep her dog food. ;o)

One of the children, let’s say Garrett, shows Lib that he has some treats and then tells her to Sit-Stay, which she obediently does.

Garrett then goes into another room, out of sight of Lib, and hides. Once hidden, he calls for her to Come. And you better clear out of the way!

She's on a mission to find him for those treats, and she never fails!

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One day after a day of homeschool, Emily and Annette set up the Bowling pins to bowl with the dog in the hallway.

She really enjoyed chasing the ball down the hall and knocking down all of the pins.

The only problem was her mouth wasn't big enough to return the big black bowling ball. She had to settle for retrieving the pins instead.

Her teeth marks in them are a great reminder of that!

Dog games for kids are limited only by your imagination.
Now, get your dog and have some fun!

dog games for kids

Playing games will make any dog tired!

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