Mind Your Manners

by specmomsolutions

Visuals and interesting conversations about subjects/topics when playing Mind Your Manners. Counting/colorful/great cards for "reminders" when generalizing skills in the "real" world. Quick to play.

Great for kids with special needs and autism!

Reply by Diane:

There is something to having the children hear it from someone or something other than Mother! When my older girls were around 8 or so, a dear homeschool friend, Sandy, held a class on Etiquette. It was great for them to learn table manners, place setting, etc. from another Mom.

Start them early on, you'll be glad you did!

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Our penny jar...
by: Anonymous

When I was growing up, each of us kids had a jar that was used to store our "Manners Money". Whenever we "minded our manners" or did something nice for another member of our family, my mom would put a penny in the jar. Okay, maybe we sometimes only did it for the money, but it did get us in the habit of being nice and using our manners!

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