Homeschool Preschool Ideas

How to Home School Preschool

homeschool preschool

Keep your homeschool preschool simple.

Wondering how to home school your toddlers and preschooler? Don’t!

Come again?

What I mean is, don't school them. Read instead. Reading and telling stories are a major means of increasing your child's knowledge and use of language.

  • Builds Vocabulary
  • Develops a Sense of Wonder and Imagination
  • Draws Parents and Children Closer
    (Increasing relationships between parents, children, and siblings)

Homeschooling Toddlers

Are you struggling with the terrible twos? Discover how to you, too, can enjoy your terrific homeschooling toddlers! Toddlers always want to be with Mom. And why shouldn’t they? From Time with Mom to Time with Siblings there are lots of opportunities for your toddlers to learn.

Homeschooling Preschoolers

Surprisingly enough, real life experiences do a much better job at stretching your child's vocabulary and thinking skills than reading.

More than reading? Yep.

Of course you should read to your children, but they will learn far more by playing and pretending. Your child will mimic those everyday experiences and conversations while they play. That in turn extends vocabulary and thinking skills. We homeschoolers have a distinct advantage over the classroom. Let’s use it. Let them play.

Take advantage of your child’s imagination with these preschool home school ideas.

Homeschooling preschool is really no more than living and experiencing real life. There is no better place for them to learn it than right at home.

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