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Are you doubting that you can really homeschool high school? That's okay! I did, too. Especially when we first started, way back in kindergarten! Homeschooling high school is actually easier than teaching the younger grades. Really! And if I can do it, anyone can!

If you've been homeschooling, and did it right all along, you will be able to pretty much give them the reins and let them go! Your pupil already knows how to read and write making life a little simpler for you! Oh, I still had to guide them through some algebra problems! But for the most part they were on their own.

You can see for yourself, that we pretty much stuck with the same companies, as we moved on to the next grade.

We think that you will agree that this proved to be one of the best homeschool curriculums for our family. Both Laura and Emily were accepted into a private university as honor students. I know that if you follow what we did, your children will be successful, too!

Homeschooling High School

How to Home School - Utilize the public school system while you homeschool. Emily shares from a paper she did in college...

High School Homeschool Curriculum - This is a quick summary of the simple curricula we successfully used, including a few extra-curricular fun extras!

Home School Math - See what other families are using by reading the reviews. Better yet, join in on the discussion!

Saxon Homeschool Math - Josh shares how Saxon made him a sought after tutor in the Math Lab at Marian University.

Homeschool Science Curriculum - Laura shares what curriculum we used that allowed her to get an easy A in her college physics class.

CLEP Test - Nita will show you her step-by-step plan to earn college credits while still in high school.

Homeschooling Debate - Learn what debating is and just how beneficial it is for your child to know how to argue! :)

High School Book List - Challenge your teen to think. Prepare for college using these homeschool book reviews.

Great Book List and Classic Book List - Two more lists with thought-provoking literature to get your teen to see life from a different perspective. Planning a trip? Get some on tape!

Auto Repair Yourself - Have you always wanted to do simple repairs and maintenance on your vehicles yourself? Now you can. You and your teen can benefit by taking this as an elective!

Graduation Preparation

Homeschool Diplomas - Yippee! Graduation is just around the corner. Find out how important a diploma really is.

Homeschool Transcript - Preparing a homeschool transcript is really easy, once you know how! See what one should look like and learn what CLEP means, too!

Homeschool Prom - Throw a graduation party with a twist, how about a homeschool graduation dance?!

Post High School Planning - Nita shares her homeschool high school roadmap to take your child to graduation and beyond.

Live in Wisconsin? Check out the Wisconsin Homeschooling page.

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