Family Reunion Games

Fun Family Games

Chances are you’re looking for ideas to play some family reunion games when your homeschool is out for the summer. Give these a try and have a ton of fun!

1. Water Balloon Fun – This one topped the list for our outdoor games for kids. There are a number of ways to use water balloons, but these are our all time favorites. Be sure to have plenty of balloons already filled with water and ready to go. A pail, cooler, kiddie pool, or laundry basket works well for storing until the action begins!

  • Water Balloon Toss - Standing opposite your partner, you toss the balloon with the hopes of your partner catching it without popping it. Everyone takes a step back after each toss for added difficulty and fun.
  • Water Balloon Volleyball - Again, you pick a partner, only this time you each hold the corners of a beach towel. On “3” you work together to toss the balloon from your towel up and over the net for a twosome to catch it in their towel without popping. About 6 pairs per side works real well. Lots of fun! Try having more than one “ball” going at the same time.

  • Water Balloon Tag - If it’s a hot day and you haven’t used up all your balloons from the other games, it won’t take long for the kids to cool off!

2. Line Games - These family reunion game ideas come from way back when I was in school.

  • Remember Red Rover, trying to crash through the clasped hands of the other team members?

  • Speaking of clasped hands, try using a Hula Hoop. Everyone must keep holding hands while someone passes the hoop down the line, stepping through using wild contortions in the process.

  • Relay Races are always fun. You can just plain run with or without a gunnysack, or be creative and have them put on and off articles of clothing. We even thought about using canoes once!

3. Scavenger Hunt - This is really easy to prepare. Make a list of anything that they must find, from pinecones to safety pins. It is more fun when everyone is paired up.

4. Piñata - This is always a “hit” and there are lots of cute Piñatas out there to pick from.

5. Toilet Paper Games - Mix toilet paper with a little imagination and the giggles begin. One idea is to Wrap the Mummy. Each team of two is given two rolls of paper. The first one to have their teammate totally wrapped (except the eyes) is the winner. We’ve done a similar game at wedding showers, dressing the bride in her “gown”.

6. Seed Spitting Contest - The hardest part for this game will be finding a watermelon that has seeds!

7. The Fish Pond! - When you have the older kids run this one, it’s fun for everyone! All you need is a pole with a clip on the end of a string, a piece of cardboard or sheet for a divider and some cheap toys.

8. Horseshoes - Chances are there’s a horseshoe pit where your reunion is. (Well, in Wisconsin the chances are good.) The adults seem to like this one best.

9. Card Games - Here's a link to our favorites.

10. Board Games
- Here's a link to our


Be creative and have fun choosing your family reunion games.

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