Toss Across

by Mama__B
(Southern Ontario)

Finally, a game that lets the kids throw stuff in the house! My kids are 5 and 2 and Toss Across is a game that they enjoy playing together. And hubby and I can engage the 5 year old in a fun time of X's and O's, on a large scale. It helps with hand eye coordination, and teaches him to think ahead and form some basic strategy and advance planning. Plus it's just lots of good old simple fun.

Reply by Diane:

Thank you for reminding us of this fun game, Mama! It's tick-tac-toe using bean bags. We played this game so much that we wore it out...all we have left of it are the little red bean bags! If I remember correctly, one has to throw the bag just right to turn over the correct symbol you want (either X or O). That is where skill in throwing a bean bag comes in handy!

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