Shadow of the Colossus

by Willard Mallard
(Moose Lake)

Box Shot

Box Shot

Shadow of the Colossus is fun to play because it's hard to figure out and a blast to explore the little "world".

It's about a young boy who goes out into a cursed land to seek out and destroy 16 (possibly 17) colossi, or spirits of sorts who make up one spirit. (Kind of hard to explain, play the game to find out). You have a horse, a sword, bow and arrows and a corpse you are trying to bring back to life. Defeating the 16 colossi will accomplish that. The smaller sub-plots themselves are hard to explain, much less to understand, and our friends at IGN and Gamespot are still trying to figure it out.

Great game to play and try to beat, which I still have yet to do.

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