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How can your whole homeschool family have fun at home? Play driving games!

When Josh brought over Mickey’s Speedway for us to borrow, I was a little apprehensive.

I thought to myself...oh no...not another video game! But it has become one of our family favorites!

Do you have a favorite?

play driving games - Mickey's Speedway

Mickey's Speedway

I must admit that I am the one who has the most difficult time staying on the road. It requires a skill that, quite frankly, I have yet to master. But the children have become very good at it.

What I enjoy more than playing the game is watching them play. Not just to see them play each other or crash or maybe even win. But to actually watch the person with the controller. It is such a hoot to peek in on them as they lean into a curve while sitting in the safety of their chair. Annette is the most comical. She really gets into it, leaning and turning her head as she moves around the track.

Josh also let us play his Mario game. We’ve not played Mario Kart (another of those driving games for kids)…yet. If it’s anything like Mario, it will be a hit in this house. It’s an older game, so you may be able to pick it up second-hand!

Both of these games are Rated E for Everyone. So, you can be confident in allowing your children to play race car games and drive to their heart's content!

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