Last Word!!

by Marley

Last Word is so much fun and a lot of laughs! It's fun to see what people come up with. Sometimes you have to get really creative! I would say this game is great for everyone.

Basically there are two stacks of cards. One stack is letters and the other stack is subject cards. Each person picks a subject card and doesn't show anyone. Then you lay a letter card down. Whoever can think of an item to do with their subject card first lays their card down, says the item and presses the timer. Everyone starts yelling out other items that start with the same letter and is in the same subject until the buzzer goes off. For example if the letter was C and someone lays down the subject card "vacation spots" and yells out Cancun, and then someone else yells out Costa Rica, Caribbean, California! Who ever yells out the last word at the end of the buzzer gets to move ahead. And it keeps going until someone reaches the end of the board. It's really fun. You can play with only 2 people or you can play with 10. It's definitely one of my favorite party games.

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