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Laura, Emily, Annette, Garrett on Ocean City Beach

Our Nation's Capitol and the Ocean

One of the best vacations we took was out east to Ocean City, Maryland. Mark's brother lives in Maryland. They have a beach house a block from the seaside. It was the first time the children had been to the ocean and it was a blast!

The favorite part about visiting the ocean is the WAVES! It is so much fun riding them on a boogie board or tube. We, also, had no idea just how salty the ocean was! The kids remember how easy it was to get sand in any food you happened to have on the beach. Yuck. But it was all worth it! We'd do it again in a flash.

Also near the beach is Assateague Island, where they swim the horses every year, so we stopped there. We got to take pictures of some horses and also a baby deer.

While in Maryland, we toured Washington, D.C. Of course, we hit all the sites including The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, The Vietnam Memorial, Arlington Cemetery (including The Changing of the Guard), a number of Smithsonian Museums, and last but not least a tour of the Capitol.

We had an exciting thing happen while we were there. President Bush flew over in his helicopter!

We obviously spread this out over a couple of days. You could never enjoy it all if you crammed it into one day. So, if you ever want to make D.C. a field trip, plan to stay a week!

Which Field Trip Was Most Memorable?

Have you been targeted by a hissing llama or feared you'd never make it out of the corn maze? (We have those in Wisconsin, you know!)

Many come here looking for school field trip ideas. Your experience visiting the dodo bird exhibit may be just what they're looking for!

So, go for it. Share your field trip and include those great pictures!

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