by Christina
(Oshkosh, WI)

We recently bought Bananagrams and just love it. It is so much fun to watch the kids work at spelling words that are bigger and better than their siblings'! Two of my four kids have dyslexia so any game that works with letters/words is awesome in our book. The kids really like that they can "Dump" any letter that they can't use and change an existing word on their board.


Reply by Diane:

When I first saw this game, I did not think it would be a hit, but it is! Everyone starts with a set amount of letters depending on the number of players. When a player runs out of his original tiles/letters he then calls "Peel"! Everyone must take a new tile from the middle. Play continues until there are fewer tiles in the middle/bunch than there are players. The first player with no remaining letters having completed their own personal "crossword puzzle" shouts "Bananas!" The other players then inspect the winner's words making sure there are no misspellings. Proper nouns are not acceptable.

Bananagrams is fast paced and much more fun than Scrabble because you are constantly working on your own group of words. Try it!

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We love this game!
by: Caitlyn

All the avid readers in my family love playing this game since it gives them a chance to use big or uncommon words and impress everyone else. It's a great alternative to Scrabble since you don't have to fight others for the best spots and it saves you all the trouble of tallying up scores. The more you play this game the more you will become addicted to it!

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