by Tiffany

I really like the new Pictionary game because it's a lot different from the old game. With the old game, you had to get up in front of a whole group of people; everyone was shouting out answers, and sometimes you could say the answer three times, and still no one would hear you!

The new Pictionary game you play in teams of two, so the only one you have to worry about is your partner. It's a board game and every team of two has a pawn, when your team is quickest to draw and guess the picture you get to roll the dice and move the number of spaces you rolled.

You could make this game more fun by cutting out the number of times you draw alone. Another fun idea would be to have cards occasionally where you had to switch partners. Of course then everyone would either have to play for themselves, or you'd have to give two teams points, so that might be kind of confusing.

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We have that too!
by: Linda

We also have Pictionary, and play it a lot when we have friends over. It is a great game when the family gets together for the holidays.

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