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Dear Fun-Conscious Trip Planner,

How many times have you wanted to organize a fun field trip and didn't know where to start?

Or worse yet, planned one that flopped!

There are a number of things you need to know before planning any successful field trip.

Even little things can turn a mediocre trip into one that everyone will talk about for months!

"Field Trips - 7 Steps to Fun & Adventure” details everything my family and I have learned through our 22 years of planning fun and educational field trips.

We have written this book with you in mind. This step-by-step information resource guides you in organizing the most memorable field trip that your family has taken.

     For anyone planning any kind of field trip,              your book should be required reading before            everyone heads out for their adventure.

      Candy Reynolds, Teacher

How Did We Discover These Strategies
For Planning a Successful Field Trip?

During our twenty years of homeschooling we've been on scores of field trips. Most were fun, some were not.

Our experience teaches you how to plan a fun trip while avoiding the mistakes we made. Find out just how easy planning a field trip is using this simple step-by-step process.

It took us 6 months to plan and organize this e-Book for you and your family.

"You Won't Find Anything Like It Out There"

You don't have to try and re-invent the wheel or go through the same learning curve we did to have a fun-filled field trip. We've already done that for you in this 38-page, step-by-step guide.

Get the confidence you need to organize a fun successful field trip. Everything is covered in 7 simple steps.

               What You'll Learn in This Book:

 Section 1 – Why

  • 5 Reasons and Benefits for Taking Field Trips
    Why in the World Would You Want to Go to the Trouble of Planning 
    a Field Trip? Discover Why Field Trips Are a Necessary Part of Your Homeschool Education.

 Section 2 – Where

  • 5 Steps to Your Destination
    Learn How to Pick the Best Place to Go. There is a Time and Place for Everything, Including Field Trips. A List of Areas to Visit by Subject Are Alphabetically Indexed in the Appendix.

 Section 3 - When

  • When is the Best Time to Go?
    Discover Four Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Your Field Trip. 
    Decide When to Go and Plan Accordingly.

 Section 4 - How

  • Exactly How Do You Intend to Get There?
    Depending on the Size and Distance, There Are a Number of Options
    for Getting to Your Destination. You'll Also Learn a Tip or Two on 
    Tipping the Driver!

 Section 5 - Who

  • 8 Important Questions to Ask When Gathering Data
    Who Do You Plan to Take Along or Invite? Now is the Time to Gather 
    All That Important Information to Share With Others.  Having Everything on One Sheet Makes it Simple and Clear to Everyone Contemplating Attending With You

 Section 6 – What

  • 15 Items That You Do Not Want to Be Without 
    Don't Plan a Great Trip and Get There Only to Find Out You Forgot Something. Be Prepared; What Should Everyone Bring Along? Start Your List.

  • 9 Things You Should Cover During the Trip
    Once You Arrive, There Are a Few Things You'll Want to Do to Make 
    the Trip More Memorable and Educational.

 Section 7 – Wrap-Up

  • How to Keep Your Child Learning After the Field Trip
    Discover the Six Activities to Do After Your Trip to Reinforce the 
    Learning Experience.

    I love this e-book!  It is very clear and easy to read.  

    Very helpful information and I love the humor that             shines through. You have done a wonderful job.

     Kristi Scorcio, Homeschool Mom

You'll Also Receive These
2 Bonus Resources
That Are Essential to a Successful Field Trip:

  • Bonus #1:

        An Appendix of Field Trip Destinations

          This huge master list (which fills nearly 7 pages!) was designed with
          your convenience in mind. It is alphabetically organized by subject
          to enable you to effortlessly find a field trip destination to fit your
          current school interests.

          It includes a list of Field Trip Destinations that go far beyond your local
          museum or zoo. You'll want to flip back to this section first to easily
          choose where to go.

  • Bonus #2:

        Four Field Trip Forms

    • Field Trip Planning Checklist
      A checklist conveniently organized by sections. Each section details what to do before, during, and after the trip.

    • Field Trip Sign-up Sheet
      Just fill in the blanks and your friends at the next homeschool
      meeting will be sure to join the Field Trip you planned!

    • Field Trip Permission Slip
      This form is used at a number of public schools. All parents have
      to do is provide their child's emergency information.

    • Public School Sample Information Sheet
      These two pages give detailed instructions for the parents and students to follow before the trip, on the bus, and during the Field Trip.

You will easily find these Invaluable Bonuses
at the back of the Field Trip eBook


    Congratulations Whyms family for this informative             and systematically presented e-book on field trips!             The book is really easy to read, while being full of             practical ideas and suggestions.  I had to smile                 because I am sure many of the ideas came from                 actual experiences, especially the cautionary ones.             I really appreciate how functionality is a thread                 throughout the book, with career exploration being             a part of it.  Too many young adults get to the stage           of transitioning out of school without any clue about           what they might like to do for a living.

    I also really appreciated the inclusion of ideas for             children with special needs - so often not adequately           considered when field trips are planned.  Often                 children with special needs are excluded from                   activities and field trips because no one has had                 the forethought to think through the "how" on                     including them.  I guess that the Whyms' family's               actual experience with the deafblind camp, and                 other similar experiences may have something to               do with the inclusion of this information.

    The simple, but effective drawings add to the ease             of reading through the book and solidifying some               of the ideas.  Again, congratulations for your home-           schooling efforts and successes which I have actually         witnessed - and even more for your efforts to reach             out to others via personal contact, your website,                 e-newsletter - and now this useful publication.  I
    hope you keep this work going!

     Lyn Ayer, Ph.D., Project Director
     Oregon Deafblind Project

To Obtain All This Information You'd Have to:

  • Spend 100's of $$ arranging field trips over the next 22 years. 
  • Waste countless hours getting other homeschoolers' experiences.
  • Search the web for just a portion of what you get in this book. 
  • Make it easy and download right now!                    

                  Although this book normally sells for $22.95,                for a limited time you can get it for FREE!

Learn How to Plan a Fun and Educational Field Trip

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We're certain the information in this guide will provide you with much more than that.

As you begin using these guidelines, field trip planning becomes a pleasure.

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   It is very interesting and insightful.  I would recommend      this to teachers, homeschoolers, and also parents in              general. This book not only gave me good information          on things for field trips, but for vacations, too!

   My favorite chapter would have to be number seven,            "Wrap-up!"  There were so many great ideas about                things to do after being on a trip.  I also liked the idea        of scoping it out ahead of time.  There have been so              many times my family and I went somewhere and it              ended up being a disappointment and a waste of money.

   Another good point was to not bring any valuables.  I           always leave my jewelry, even my wedding rings home,        safe and secure.  But, there have been a lot of times              where I have been with someone who has lost                      something dear to them.

   Something else I have never thought about before was          bringing forms for other children.  There have been so          many times I took friends' children to places, without            knowing if they had any allergies to anything in case            of an emergency.

   I loved the Sherlock Holmes game idea.  That would be        great for long car trips.  The Folk Fair sounds awesome        and something my family and I would  love to do in the        future!  It would be great to visit Spain without leaving        the country!

   Thank you so much, this book has given me many ideas        for the future!

   Marley Washburn, Homeschool Mom

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