by Sue

Slips has hilarious outcomes.

Any number of people can play.

Each player has a slip of paper...11x 2
(You can get 4 from 1 sheet!)


1) Who - Write any person's name (family, friend, famous, whoever). Fold the paper over (just enough to hide the answer) and pass it to the person on your right.

2) What - On the new slip you just got from the person on your left, write what that person did (went skating, flew a plane, etc). Fold it down and pass it to the right again and so on.

3) Where - Pick a place (on a hill, the Mall of America, in Africa).

4) With whom? - Choose another name (famous person, family member, etc).

5) When - Pick a time (at midnight, in 1492, etc).

6) How - This one must be an adverb and end in ly (cheerfully, sadly, etc).

7) Why - Because they...

You don't necessarily know whose paper it was originally unless you are paying attention to that. At the end, each one has a turn to read the one in their hand.

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Slips Tips!
by: JeAnna

What a terribly funny game! We learned about this game via this site and played it last night. We laughed 'til we cried. It works really well when you fold down just enough to cover what you wrote. That way each person can then easily read down their "slip" to "tell the tale". It's not easy when you're laughing so hard. Here are two real examples from our games (we played four rounds!):

Julius Caesar
In the freezer
With Larry the Cucumber
During the Super Bowl
Because of darkness.

(The rhyme was done haphazardly!)

The Pillsbury Doughboy
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
In the bathtub
With Superman
On their honeymoon
Because his Mustang broke down and he needed a tow to the seafood restaurant.

A good time was had by all, well most of us!
Have Fun!

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