Sign Alphabet

by Cathy Givans
(Blackwell, OK, USA)

This sign alphabet game was totally made up! We recently traveled to Texas and Arizona to visit family. On our way to Texas, after three days in a car, the kids were running out of stuff to keep them entertained, and they started arguing. So, Sign Alphabet was born! We have one learning to read, another who needs help with alphabetizing, and another who just needed something to change his focus.

The game is played by starting at the letter A and finding a road sign, advertisement, street sign, whatever is around, and shouting out the word that starts with the letter A. Then you move onto the letter B,C,D, etc. We didn't keep score because we have some behavior issues with the whole winner loser concept. But, I am sure that keeping score could be fun for others.

We plan to use this game on the way home, and most likely in other ways.

By the way, as a side note, I totally believe that children learn best while playing games, etc. We are just starting to move ourselves into an unschooling direction, and are finding it way less stressful for the whole family, and way more fun to learn.

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