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Before you go purchasing just any Home School Math Curriculum, let these Moms help you choose the right one for your family.

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Are you frustrated trying to choose the right homeschool math curriculum? I know I was. And with so many out there, you would think someone would have what you're looking for! But who do you trust when it comes to choosing and then teaching that very important subject?

When we were searching for the right homeschool math, there were a few options. But not nearly as many as there are now. It can be overwhelming to say the least.

Well, you've come to the right place!

Because only you will know what's right for your family, choosing the right homeschooling math curriculum can be easy once you've heard from another Mom what she liked, or didn't. :)

So, sit back, grab a pencil ('cause I think you'll want to take a few notes!) and see what these Moms found to be helpful. And if you're up to adding a comment of your own, feel free! We'd love to have you join in on the fun.

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Wondering where your child is in math? You'll find a link to a diagnostic test on our free home school stuff page.

What Home School Math Curriculum
Do You Like (Or Dislike)?

What experience do you have with a math curriculum that you want other Moms to know before they buy?

What Other Visitors Have Said

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I started out loving Saxon (used Saxon 1 beginning in K-5 and still using it in 1st grade). My girls have learned very well with this curriculum. However, …

Life of Fred 
Life of Fred is a story-based presentation of math revolving around the life a fictional character named Fred. We began using the Life of Fred program …

After using Rod and Staff, Abeka and Saxon I finally discovered Math-U-See. Straight away the children enjoyed having fewer problems on the page! Instead …

Switched on Schoolhouse  
Switched on Schoolhouse Math was better than the "textbooky" curricula we had used before, but was still disappointing. It required a huge

Touch Math 
I love Touch Math because it is so multisensory. It is very easy to teach and covers each grade level in depth. I have two children on the Autism …

We've used Math-U-See for the last seven of our nine homeschooling years, and it's been wonderful. It is especially helpful for my son, who learns best …

JUMP Math 
As a part-time teacher in an urban school with plenty of at-risk kids, I'm very impressed with JUMP Math from http://jumpmath.org. (We no longer homeschool …

Math U See 
Will couldn't do a single multiplication problem when I picked him up from school on the last day of Fifth Grade last year. Will began using Math U See …

Currently Using Horizons 
We are currently using Horizons, but we used Saxon in first grade. I loved how it was well scripted to help me explain concepts to my daughter. Being a …

After much research, we chose Calvert math curriculum because of its format. The homeschool math curriculum is an excellent choice that my family uses …

Teaching Textbooks 
My daughter hated doing math, and it became a daily battle in our house before finding Teaching Textbooks. She was/is good at math, but she just hated …

From Larry Shiller: Our mission is to help kids learn and enjoy math and we are blessed with customers who appreciate the value of the Montessori-based …

Saxon Math 
As a graduate student in physics and mathematics, I highly recommend Saxon Math. I was homeschooled from the age of 6 through 18 and learned sufficient …

I have used Math.U.See from the beginning of my homeschool career 7 years ago. I was introduced to it from another homeschool mom. This curriculum …

Love Math-U-See and love the teach back concept. Now I understand Math and so does my 10 year old son. No more nonsense information included in story …

Time4Learning Math 
We began using Time4Learning Math three years ago after a very long trek through curriculum after curriculum. My son is a right-brained, visual learner, …

Kumon Math and Reading 
Kumon Math and Reading is a great supplement to the home school curriculum. Children visit the Kumon Center twice a week and complete the work at home …

Jacobs Elementary Algebra 
We have found Jacobs Elementary Algebra a little hard to understand. I have to take more time giving instructions to my daughter. We are considering …

Thinkwell Not rated yet
We considered this program for our older daughter's Pre-Calculus and Calculus class. My kid really liked the video instructor for these classes and used …

YourTeacher.com Not rated yet
We reviewed this curriculum for use as primer for pre-Algebra. This is a good interactive video, computer based program. It offers a full program of good …

Math Mammoth Not rated yet
I love Math Mammoth! It's thorough and will get the results your kids will need to take on whatever they want in their futures! That's so important to …

TeachingPoint Elementary Math: Level 4 Not rated yet
This is a teacher designed curriculum that covers a whole years worth of lessons, PowerPoints, worksheets, homework, tests, and so on. What is great about …

Singapore Math Not rated yet
Singapore Math thoroughly teaches every concept so that the child understands it. Excellent in teaching mental math. I love that they use the number bond …

Rod and Staff then Saxon Not rated yet
We start with Rod and Staff - it is great for building very fundamental skills and familiarity in a friendly way. Little children do not feel over-awed …

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Oak Meadow Math Not rated yet
Oak Meadow Math sets children up for success - not failure and frustration. Although it may seem easy for most students, that is what I find to be the …

Singapore Math Not rated yet
I just started my 5-yr old in the K level of Singapore Math, and we like it very much. It helps him to visualize math problems and puts it in words he …

VideoText Interactive  Not rated yet
With VideoText Interactive Algebra & Geometry, you and your students will see how math works! Wonderful animated graphics help students visualize the …

Right Start Math Not rated yet
I started using the Right Start Math curriculum with my daughter our second year of homeschooling. The first year we attempted a more traditional curriculum, …

Right Start Math Not rated yet
Our child has excelled in math beyond her grade level following the approach developed by Dr. Joan A. Cotter's Right Start Math. Incorporating an …

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