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Help With Homeschool Spelling

We've played a number of spelling games for kids and found these to be among our favorites.

Some kids are naturally good spellers…and some are not. Mark’s mom would always comment on how she could not even sit down to write a letter to someone without having a dictionary handy. And she was a teacher!

So don’t take it too hard if your child simply cannot spell. And don’t be too hard on them, either! But you can put a little fun into trying by playing some fun, helpful kids spelling games.

spelling games for kids

Stellar Speller - Comes with a nifty little alphabet cube holder. Each side of the cube has a different combination set of letters. The race is on to secretly write down as many words as possible from the seven letters showing. The more letters used the more points scored. This is one of the first kids spelling games the children played. They liked it and played it a lot. I’m going to hang on to this one for the grand kiddies! Recommended for ages 8 and up by Discovery Toys.

Miss Moody - Miss Moody only likes certain things. That’s why she’s moody ;o). Anyway, everyone has to figure out what she likes by asking, “Does Miss Moody like BLANK?” Only you know what she likes and you answer yes or no…yes if they happen to choose something with a double vowel or consonant and no if there is no double vowel or consonant. For example, if they asked, “Does Miss Moody like games?” You would answer, “No”. But if they asked, “Does Miss Moody like chess?” You would have to answer, “Yes!” It makes for a hoot, which she also likes!

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spelling games for kids
Banana Grams - Similar to Scrabble, this game has tiles with all the letters of the alphabet on them. The difference? Rather than taking turns on a board, you are all playing at the same time in a race to be the first to get rid of all of your own tiles. We played this at Easter and everyone absolutely loved it! It comes with a neat little banana shaped pouch for holding all the tiles in.

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