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Only the best home school books make up these great home school book lists. Discover must-read literature using these great leveled book lists.

My children have read hundreds (if not thousands!) of books while homeschooling. Most of them were read with pure pleasure. Reading took them to far away places, all from the comfort of the living room.

You will find many of our favorite books on the lists below. We started our love of literature using Honey for a Child's Heart and Books Children Love. We then used the Sonlight catalog for more ideas. Each of the children had fun working on a page for the website. Come back often to see what we've added!

The home is still the greatest educational foundation.

Studies show that parents who make reading attractive using good literature contribute immeasurably to their child's development.

Are you reading a good book now? Share your favorite home school books!

Home School Books

By Grade

Preschool Book List - Annette chose to write the elementary home school book lists. Even though she put this page together as a teen, she could easily remember all the fun books she had read as a kid. I will admit that most of these books can be enjoyed at any age.

Grades 1-2 Book List - Start reading these great books aloud even to your young toddlers. It won't be long and they'll be reading on their own!

Grades 3-5 Book List - There are so many good books out there, but Annette was able to whittle it down to 10 of her favorite for this grade group.

Grades 6-8 Book List - Your teen will find some great adventure series here. (This concludes the home school book lists that Annette put together for the elementary and middle school grades.)

High School Book List - Now let Laura's high school book list prepare you for college.

Fun Homeschool Book Reviews

Biographies for Younger Children - Exceptional biographies for children make up this list of outstanding home school books for your younger students.

Biographies for Older Children - Entice your reluctant teen and choose a great biography with the help of these compelling history book reviews.

Little Golden Books - These are the prefect size for those little hands and fingers! We put together a Little Golden Book list of favorites for your little ones to enjoy.

Dr Seuss Books - Oh, The Places You'll Go with a Dr Seuss book! Anyone of any age will enjoy reading these crazy rhyming books. We've listed 10 of our favorites, but we really like them all!

Great Book List - Here are Emily's favorites that either changed her life or her view of things. If you're looking for deep thought-provoking literature, you will want to check these out.

Classic Book List - This list will get your older children well on their way to reading the classics, as you will see. Look for these titles as Books on Tape, too, especially if you're planning a road trip!

More Classics - With so many great books out there, my teens just had to put together a second list of classics for you. Your young adult children will find these difficult to put down.

Nancy Drew Books - Josh truly enjoyed reading this series. Discover why...

home school book lists, read in bed asleep

Yes, Garrett and Annette would read until their eyelids got heavy!

Typically, an educated person is one who knows how to read and
who keeps on reading throughout his life.

There's no better time than now to start your home school book lists!

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