by Laura M.
(Durham, New Hampshire)

After much research, we chose Calvert math curriculum because of its format. The homeschool math curriculum is an excellent choice that my family uses from the Calvert School. Calvert School has a great standing reputation and customer service. The curriculum is laid out in a separate easy to follow lesson planner for the instructor with daily lessons and answers to each chapter. The chapter tests are well laid out and challenge the student over material covered. The book is easy to understand because each chapter is set up the same way with excellent examples, exercises, and problem solving activities.

I really enjoyed the seventh grade math book in that it is a excellent resource even now to refresh and recall basics in the sections Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Statistics, and Percents. Every operation is explained in detail and by example making the concepts easy to teach and understand for the homeschool student.

It has continued to be a go-to-book even in higher grades for my children. One of the favorite parts of this book is that Calvert home schooled students from all over the world contributed original art for the book making it a crossover for conversation and interest as well in art. I was very happy with the Calvert curriculum and would highly recommend it to a friend.

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by: Anonymous

Great assessment. Student art work in a math book? Cool!

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