Right Start Math

by Jeralynne Amburn
(Boise, Idaho, USA)

I started using the Right Start Math curriculum with my daughter our second year of homeschooling. The first year we attempted a more traditional curriculum, heavy in worksheets, flashcards and the like. She cried at least twice a week during our math lessons. She just didn't seem to "get it".

I was desperate for something that would help her understand the concepts. I had also become aware that she learned much more readily when the lessons were hands-on.

When I discovered Right Start Math at our annual homeschool convention I immediately loved all the tools and accessories as well as the focus on math games. I was a little concerned about the initial cost, but I decided it was worth it if she could grasp the concepts without feeling "stupid".

It worked! She caught on quickly to concepts that seemed incomprehensible to her before and she started having fun learning math. In fact, when I asked her to order her school subjects from favorite to least favorite she put math at the very top; what a change from the tears of last year!

I especially like that Right Start Math integrates all the different aspects of math, rather than teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, algebra, etc. as completely different and separate topics.

I would recommend this curriculum to anyone, but especially to those who tend to be predominantly kinesthetic learners.

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