Currently Using Horizons

by Kristy Tolley

We are currently using Horizons, but we used Saxon in first grade. I loved how it was well scripted to help me explain concepts to my daughter. Being a newer homeschooler, that aspect gave me the confidence I needed.

My daughter didn't love it, though. I was worried that if I didn't have a curriculum she liked, she would end up hating the subject altogether. So, I mistakenly thought something with a little color, maybe more variety, would appeal to her.

As a result, we used Singapore Math the next year, and we are currently using Horizons. Interestingly, even with all their colorful pages, my daughter wants to go back to Saxon (as do I!).

With both Singapore and Horizons, it seemed there was little to help me explain the concepts to her. There were activities to do prior to each lesson, but sometimes they didn't seem very thorough. Maybe it's because Math isn't one of my strengths, but I felt like I needed more guidance.

My daughter and I are both excited to go back to Saxon. Also, I will be using it for my younger daughter (first grade) next year.

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by: Rachel

It is so nice to be able to go somewhere and hear about a curriculum from someone who has been there done that! Your comments are very helpful. I realize that what is good for one family may not necessarily be good for another. But it sure helps to make a decision by reading what different programs do! We may not go with Horizons, but you certainly got my curiosity up to check into it before ordering anything!


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