Math Mammoth

I love Math Mammoth! It's thorough and will get the results your kids will need to take on whatever they want in their futures! That's so important to me! Especially cause I have a little math genius on my hands and I don't want to hold him back in any way. So I 'Did My Research' on the end results!

It is kind of a mix between Jump math and Singapore math, but way more homeschool friendly. You just go right along with their workbooks (no extra teacher book required) and it is so thorough that the kids can learn and do most of it on their own right from their books. My kids just open and go with a few questions here or there. I check it over when they're done (they have answer keys, too) and we're done!

I can't rave about it enough. So happy to feel like I actually found the perfect program and it actually turned out to be a reality for me to use, too. Yeah!!

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