VideoText Interactive

by Merryheart
(Northeast USA)

With VideoText Interactive Algebra & Geometry, you and your students will see how math works! Wonderful animated graphics help students visualize the concepts and think mathematically! These programs are thorough, easy to follow and simple to use. Careful attention is paid to the language of math: not calling a numeral a "number," for example, and understanding how to write and read equations. By the time you are finished with VideoText Interactive, you will understand Algebra and/or Geometry.

Truth is emphasized: for example, did you learn that division by zero is impossible? Not true--VideoText Interactive has students do it! They learn why it is meaningless by working it out and seeing what happens.

Students no longer fear math, nor do they feel dumb. My daughter used to be math-phobic; no more! She loves this program, which we gave her for her birthday, at her request!

These comprehensive programs start with basic foundational principles, clearly explaining each concept in detail. No blind memorization-understanding is key! They avoid that "glazed-over eyes" effect that most other modern curricula produces, and help develop critical thinking skills.

Repetition is totally individualized- once the student gets it, they can move on. Conversely, they can practice more and or review the explanations as needed. Mastery for each student at his own pace!

The video is the main text. There is a book of Course Notes that summarizes what was taught in each lesson. This eliminates the need to take notes during the video lesson, so the student is free to pay full attention, and provides a review right after the lesson to solidify the knowledge.

The VideoText Interactive Student Worktext provides 20 practice exercises (believe it or not, that's plenty!) for the concepts learned in each video segment, to be completed on your own paper or notebook, and the solutions manual gives step-by-step answers to each practice question, including even the easiest steps, so no one is left behind. Parents are encouraged to let students check their own work, so they can see exactly how each problem is worked out.

Progress Tests come in another book, with a second back-up test for each quiz and unit test in case more review is needed. All the tests and quizzes are authorized to be copied, so that the course can be used for more than one child, and even re-sold.

The Instructor's Guide contains detailed step-by-step solutions for each problem in the Progress Test book.

VideoText Interactive even provides free full telephone support!

The Algebra program covers so-called "Pre-Algebra" (aka "Algebra Readiness") plus Algebra 1 & 2, and the Geometry also covers Trigonometry and "Pre-Calculus" (aka "Advanced Mathematics"). They are very thorough. So while it may seem expensive, it's quite cost effective. Each three-month module may be bought separately if you wish. Or you can take advantage of their optional monthly payment plan. And VideoText Interactive fully support re-selling, so you can get a good percentage of your money back when you're done--if you can part with it!

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