by Jena
(Birmingham, AL)

I started out loving Saxon (used Saxon 1 beginning in K-5 and still using it in 1st grade). My girls have learned very well with this curriculum.

However, each chapter (lesson) is sooooo long--has so many parts, that it is not realistic to complete one full chapter in one day. We eliminated some parts, such as the meeting book, number line, weather graph, etc., and have divided each chapter into two lessons. We have found this works much better.

My other complaint is the repetition in the first half of each chapter. I finally realized my girls have mastered right/left and counting by two's, etc., so we also skip this.

I will say that Saxon 1 is very thorough and tries to use creativity when possible to reinforce concepts. My girls loved the water experiments and the "grocery shopping".

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Saxon IS repetitious
by: Sara

My daughter is doing Saxon 2 for second grade after using it for two years in public school. We quickly cut out the "meeting" section - graphs, counting, money, etc. - and zipped straight to the lesson. She's been complaining of it being too easy, and after giving her an online Saxon math assessment, we discovered that she placed out of second grade math. There are still many skills covered in this year's curriculum that she needs to learn, but she's amenable to doubling up lessons so we get through second grade math by the end of January. We should actually get most of the way through third grade math by the end of our school year.

Now if only writing excited her this much...

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