Time4Learning Math

by Kerry
(North Carolina)

Time4Learning Math

Time4Learning Math

We began using Time4Learning Math three years ago after a very long trek through curriculum after curriculum. My son is a right-brained, visual learner, and standard math curricula just weren't built with him in mind. Rote memorization and review, such as is popular with Saxon and BJU were like torture for him. Hands-on programs like Math U See were helpful, but unfortunately he would get distracted by all the hoopla.

So when we discovered an online, interactive, multimedia style math curriculum, we were thrilled to say the least. My son took to the format right away. The lessons were laid out sequentially, and all he had to do was follow the arrows to know what was expected of him.

All the major math strands are covered in the curriculum: number sense and operations, algebra, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, data and probability. And each lesson is presented visually, often with audio/video animations to make the concepts clearer. There is also a nice blend between online work, optional worksheets, and assessments.

I'm actually just as enthusiastic about the curriculum today as I was three years ago. I love the printable reports for keeping track of what my son has been doing each day or each week. Even his computer-scored quizzes can be printed off and used for further study. I also love being able to see at a glance where we left off the day before in each subject just by following the arrows! One of my favorite parts of T4L is the parent forums. I so enjoy checking in and seeing how other families are using the program, how they are planning their days, and how they solve any problems that come up. And did I mention the price? Less than $20 per month for the whole curriculum (and that even includes language arts, science, and social studies lessons as well!)!

Every curriculum has problems, and this system is no different. We have discovered that some math lessons are a bit out of order, and a student may be asked to complete something in a lesson before he has been instructed how. But these are small complaints, and they have certainly not dampened our zeal for the Time4Learning Math program.

If you have tried several different math programs for your child with limited success, I urge you to give Time4Learning Math a chance. It might be just the curriculum you have been hoping for!

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Good supplement. Kids like it.
by: Tammy

We tried this program for a while and my kids loved it. It has all the topics and everything, but not much variety. The kids could simply memorize the answers after a few tries and get them all right without actually learning the concept.
I was also annoyed that I had to go in each time to see how they had done and keep track of which lessons had to be redone. The kids didn't see it as needed redone since the game checks them off when they finish (regardless of how many right or wrong answers). It would be better if the program didn't mark the lesson as complete until a certain mastery was reached. Or even if a parent could "uncheck" the game if they don't like the grade obtained.
We kept the subscription for a while, but I only used it as a supplement and review tool.

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