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Grades 6-8

Uncover some great novels with Annette's book plot summaries. These middle school book lists will prepare your homeschool student for high school. The second of our middle school book lists is filled with great biographies for children. Use these leveled book lists to keep your child reading for hours.

Across Five Aprils, Irene Hunt
This is the fast moving story of a boy during the Civil War years. Very entertaining and interesting.

The Beduins' Gazelle, Frances Temple
Halima and Atiyah were pledged for marriage to each other when they were babies. Now they have grown up. But what will happen when Atiyah is sent away because of the feuds between Beduin tribes? A wonderful story set in the 1300’s.

The Bronze Bow, Elizabeth George Speare
Daniel hates the Romans for coming in and taking over his country. After joining with the rebels to fight against them, he meets Jesus, who tests his convictions.

Caddie Woodlawn, Carol Ryrie Brink
The daily life of a girl growing up in Wisconsin, and her humorous adventures with her two brothers made this a fun book to read.

Cheaper by the Dozen, Gilbreth and Carey
With 12 children, you can imagine life in that house never got boring! This true story is sometimes sad and often funny.

The Chronicles of Narnia, C. S. Lewis
The seven book series is about the magical land of Narnia. These stories have been a favorite of kids for a long time, and definitely were so in our family. Even though we've included them on the middle school book lists, they make a great read aloud. The new movies about them are really worth watching also. They are as good as the books!

The Eagle of The Ninth, Rosemary Sutcliff
Set in the Roman Empire in 125 A.D., this is a captivating story about a Roman centurion who goes into the North (now England) to find the lost eagle standard of the Ninth Legion, an army that disappeared while under his father’s command. It is really an interesting story that we all liked, and also a great history lesson.

The Golden Goblet, Eloise Jarvis McGraw
What starts out as a seemingly boring story of an apprentice boy in Ancient Egypt becomes very interesting quite quickly. Great literature for younger ages.

The Great and Terrible Quest, Margaret Lovett
A young boy in the Middle Ages escapes from his grandfather with a knight who is searching for something. The only problem is, through a terrible accident, he can’t remember what it is that he is looking for! We all liked this book.

The Ides of April, Mary Ray
When a Roman senator is found murdered in his bed, all of his slaves must be executed as suspects unless one of them can figure out who the real killer is! Although I read this book a long time ago, I can still remember how much I liked it.

The Jedera Adventure, Lloyd Alexander
This is the tale of a young woman who travels into the desert to return a library book that her father checked out many years before, and passed away before he could return. Captivating adventure.

Mara, Daughter of the Nile, Eloise Jarvis McGraw
A slave girl is leading a normal life in Egypt until a man comes and buys her from her owner. She is now expected to find out who is plotting to dethrone the Pharaoh Queen. But then another man secretly hires her to help him get rid of the queen! Torn between two masters, her secrets become harder to hide. Which side will she betray? This is an absolutely stunning story that I have read many times.

Mary, Bloody Mary, Carolyn Meyer
Written from Mary Tudor’s view, this is the story of her life with her father and new stepmother. A story of jealousy and conflict between them all.

Shades of Gray, Carolyn Reeder
When a boy orphaned by the Civil War is sent to live with his uncle, he finds it difficult to get along. Why is his uncle not fighting in the war? Is he a coward? His anger builds until he finds out what real courage is.

The Terrible Wave, Marden Dahlstedt
This is a great fictional story about a girl’s life during the Johnstown flood. It is a book that really makes you want to keep reading! I could not put it down, which is why I added it to our middle school book lists.

The Westing Game, Ellen Raskin
When a millionaire who lived in an apartment dies, he leaves his inheritance to the other residents of the building. Whoever figures out how he died gets all the money. Pay close attention, and maybe you can figure it out too!

Where the Red Fern Grows, Wilson Rawls
This is the sad story of a young boy who buys two coon hunting puppies. I won’t tell you more because I will give it away, but it is really good.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Elizabeth George Speare
After her grandfather dies, a girl who is used to living in luxury in the Caribbean struggles to get along with her Puritan uncle and his family in New England. Thought provoking.

Annette's middle school book lists are more than just teen book lists. Use as a read aloud. My younger children loved them, too!

If your student is ready to move on to the next grade level, check out our High School Book List.

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