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We've put together for you some outstanding biographies for children age teen and above. These biographies are longer and are more in-depth than the biographies for younger children.

Entice your reluctant reader and choose a great biography with the help of these compelling history book reviews.

Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity,
Robert Cwiklik

While not only giving you a peek at his personal and family life, this book clearly explains some of his theories and discoveries. It is great not having to be a physics professor to grasp Einstein's principles!

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, Jean Lee Latham
The true story about a poor boy who, just after the American Revolution, made marine navigation a precise science. He even wrote a book that is still accurate and used today. The wonderful telling about a little known genius.

Cheaper by the Dozen, Gilbreth and Carey
The humorous true story of a family with twelve children, this book will keep you enthralled and laughing at their constant adventures. The sequel, Bells on Their Toes, is also well worth reading.

Genevieve Foster Biographies
A captivating look at the life and times of famous figures throughout history. The biographies are masterfully told in such a way as to not seem like boring history at all. The four we read were about Augustus Caesar, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.

Going Solo, Roald Dahl
Dahl gives us a front row seat to his adventures in East Africa flying planes in World War II. The humor in this book will have you laughing out loud, and the suspense will get you on the edge of you theater chair! This is one bio we absolutely loved!

Mary, Bloody Mary, Carolyn Meyer
The story of Mary Tudor's struggles during her father's rule. It shows the love, jealousy, and fear of a girl fighting against the things that she cannot change.

Ralph Moody Series
In a ten book series, Moody gives his life story of ranching in the west during the early 1900's. These delightful books contain plenty of humor and lessons learned. We really enjoyed reading these books together.

Ron Snell Series
When his missionary parents go to Peru, the young American boy ends up spending his childhood with his brother in the jungle. Their hilarious true episodes with snakes, wild pigs, piranhas, and rapids will have you rolling on the ground! One of our all time favorites!

Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold, Jean Fritz
This book gives you a close look at Benedict Arnold, a famous spy during the American Revolution. Written by a well known storyteller, Jean Fritz makes true stories as fun and interesting as fiction! (The pictures are just another added bonus!)

Winston Churchill: Soldier, Statesman, Artist,
John B. Severance

This gives you a firsthand look at the life politics of Winston Churchill. With helpful pictures and in depth facts, this book tells about the well known man who influenced British politics for over half a century.

We really do encourage you to get all of these biographies for children. They are so good you will want to read them more than once. Make room for these home school books on your shelf!

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