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little golden books

We listed for you what we believe to be the most loved Little Golden Books that any homeschool family should have on their book shelf. In fact, the binding and pages on our copies are very worn indeed! Check 'em out!

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Laura reading at Grandma's.

Chip 'n' Dale's Book of Seasons (Walt Disney)
This is a great book for kids because it's humorous reading; all because of what those two little chipmunks do to poor Donald. They fool him right to the end of the book.

The Fox and the Hound: Hide and Seek
Entertaining little story of two friends that go on an adventure of hide and seek in the woods. Find out what happens to them.

Lady and the Tramp (Walt Disney)
Another one of those animals come to the rescue book. If your children don't have a pet now, they'll want one after reading this favorite!

The Poky Little Puppy - Follows His Nose Home
This is a story about a group of little doggies that go out to see the world. But on the way they get lost. Find out how Poky gets them home.

The Road Runner - A Very Scary Lesson
The Road Runner Family is warned about Wile E. Coyote. They learn the hard way that a familiar "beep-beep" is not always friendly. In the end, it's the Lion who saves them.

The Sailor Dog
This is your typical shipwreck sailor story. Learn what happens on his fateful trip and how he gets back home again.

When Dog Was Little
This book relates doggy-hood to toddler-hood. Pictures are adorable.

The Animals of Farmer Jones (Big Little Golden Book)
The children wore this book out, and because of that I had completely forgotten about it until my niece reminded me of it. How could I have forgotten it?! The children especially liked it as toddlers. It taught them all the farm animal sounds by trying to find the farmer as they're all getting very hungry... "But where is Farmer Jones?" Richard Scarry is another of our favorite authors.

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