Homeschool Diplomas

Are Homeschool High School Diplomas Really Necessary?

homeschool diplomas

How necessary are homeschool diplomas? Does everyone need one?

Ah, the diploma. What exactly is it and what does it mean, anyway?

Want the honest truth? It's an impressive looking piece of paper that means little!

As Laura was nearing graduation, I found myself looking for a homeschool high school diploma. At the time, I thought she needed one. It didn't take long for me to find a tassel and cap, even a template that went something like:

Name of Your Homeschool

This Certifies That

Your Student’s Name

Has completed the Course of Study of our Homeschool
And is being Awarded this

High School Diploma

On the ________day of______________in the year________________

Signature of parents

Pretty simple, right?

But it's really not enough. Okay, sure, it looks nice and is fun to have framed for your wall if that’s what you want. But that piece of paper does not really mean anything, especially if you plan to attend college.

Many employers, legislators, and people in general are increasingly losing confidence in a diploma as an indication that a person is well educated. And I concur!

So, what does?

Your Own Homeschool Transcript

A homeschool transcript is the best tool to use that assures an employer, college admissions officer, etc., that you have completed a number of general subjects. My children did not secure a spot in the college honors program by waving a diploma. They earned that spot by studying and receiving high scores on the PSAT and ACT exams.

If you are just starting homeschool high school, keep a detailed record of everything you do (subjects studied, grades earned, and credits received). Then when it comes time to make your homeschool transcript it will be very easy.

So, do you really need a homeschool diploma? No. But if you feel you want one for your wall, go for it!

homeschool diplomas

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