Sample Homeschool Transcript

For Your Homeschool High School

A homeschool transcript is a quick overview or summary of
subjects studied and grades received.

It can also include credits earned if you've attended a local college or passed a CLEP Test.

(CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program that tests you on your knowledge of certain subjects - similar to taking a final exam.

If you pass, you earn credits making it a very economical way to earn college credits. Be sure to visit College Plus! for more information.)

Typically, for homeschool high school you should have completed the following number of semesters:

    English - 8
    Science - 4-5
    Math - 4-5
    American History - 2
    World History - 2
    American Government - 1
    Electives - (art, foreign language, etc.)

In Wisconsin, reading a reasonable number of novels, short stories, or poetry count toward American History or World History credits. So, even those who do Unit Studies can write their own transcript. It's obviously easier to develop one when following a conventional curriculum, however.

For more information check out the Homeschooler's Guide to Portfolios and Transcripts by Loretta Heuer. Note: Her examples are lengthy. Know that a simple, well written transcript, can be very effective. Even if it is shorter than her examples. :)

Below is an example of a homeschool transcript that one of my girls did. None of the girls found it necessary to have a homeschool diploma. Transcript

Subject Area Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Learn to Write the Novel Way A
Language Arts A
My Access Essays A
Vocabulary A A A
American Literature A
British Literature A
Study of Poetry B
Algebra 1 A A
Algebra 2 A
Investment, Depreciation, Budgeting A
Geometry A
Borrowing, Inflation, Taxes A
Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry A
Social Studies
U.S. History A
World History A
Debate Class B
Reconstruction to Progressivism A
Biology B
Earth Science A
Chemistry A
Physics A
Foreign Language
Greek and Latin A A A A
Spanish B
German B A A
Drawing/Art A A A A
Thinking Connections A
Toastmaster Speaking Class A
Introductory Logic A

Other Interests:

Community Service
4-H Volunteer X X
Soup Kitchen X X X
Guitar X X X X
Piano X X
Ballroom Dancing X X X
4-H Growth Achievement X
4-H Project/Record Book Top Awards X X
4-H Speaking and Demo. Contest X
Leadership Positions
4-H Photography Youth Leader X X
Taught Craft Classes X X

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