Wisconsin Homeschooling

Your Guide to a
Successful Wisconsin Homeschool

If you’re not in Wisconsin homeschooling your children, then you may want to move here! We just so happen to have one of the best homeschooling laws in the nation.

Before starting your Wisconsin homeschool, I highly recommend you visit the Wisconsin Parents Association website Getting Started page. The handbook to the left is no longer available. You may be able to find it used somewhere, but the information in it will not be current. I suggest visiting their website, read what's there and contact them if you have any questions.

Each fall, we parents are required to file form PI-1206 with the Department of Public Instruction, beginning the year a child turns six on or before September 1.

It’s a one page form with two sections to be filled out. In the first section you must indicate the number of children you’re homeschooling and the name of the public school district in which you reside. The second section lists the statutes that you must follow as a home-based school.

Simply put (taken right from the form) you agree that your “home based private educational program”:

  • Provides at least 875 hours of instruction each year. (875 hours can include other subjects your family chooses such as art, religion, music, computer, cooking, etc. )
  • Provides a sequentially progressive curriculum of fundamental instruction in reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and health.

If your program meets all the criteria that is listed, check mark the “True” box, sign it, and you’re set to go!

The homeschooling law in Wisconsin does NOT require:

  • Approval of your chosen curriculum by a public school official
  • Testing (You can choose to if you like!)
  • A “professional educator” to teach your children (As a parent you don’t even need a high school diploma, although I think that would be a good thing, don’t you?!)
  • Certain curriculum to be purchased (We have used the library for countless subjects all for free!)

Yes, living in Wisconsin has its drawbacks…shoveling snow when it’s 10 below zero or swatting mosquitoes on a calm summer evening. But when it comes to Wisconsin home school, you just can’t beat it!

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