by hari veera sreekar
(Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India)

In my school days once I happened to go to Vijayawada, Kondapalli. Before this trip I was so shy and I could not mingle with my class mates. I enjoyed this trip very much. We went to Water World, and saw Kondapalli dolls which are handmade. After this trip I could take initiative for any group activity.

Comment from Diane: We have a good friend that was born and raised in India, but I don't ever remember her talking about Vijayawada. So, I researched it a little and found that Andhra Pradesh, A.P., is a state situated on the eastern coast of India. Vijayawada is the 3rd largest city in the A.P.

There are a number of temples, a mosque, and a shrine located there. You'll even find caves and a fort which was used as a military training base by the British rulers.

Thanks for sharing, it rounded out my geography lesson for the day!

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by: Anonymous

For the helpful comment at the end!

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