Chuck E. Cheese Experience

by cangel
(Tampa, Florida)

Make pizza with a behind the scenes Chuck E. Cheese experience! The staff was very welcoming when we took our younger students.

The children were taken into a kitchen area and they were each given a small ball of dough. They were allowed to spread the dough out any way they wanted and they were creative in their designs. A staff member explained the nutritional value of various toppings. The children were then allowed to design and create their own healthy pizza.

While the pizzas were cooking the children were allowed to play in the children’s area. This was before the parlor opened so they had the place to themselves.

Once the pizzas were done the children sat and ate them. They were large enough to share them with others.

The field trip allowed the children to learn about nutrition while enjoying themselves in a safe environment.

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Staff is fabulous at Newmarket Ontario
by: Anonymous

I was at a Chuck E Cheese location on July 18, 2010. Another customer allowed her child to take my three year old's tokens. There were only eight remaining, however none the less it was very disappointing to have happened. A staff member by the name of Pirathapan from store 832, went to the back and brought out eight tokens and gave them to my daughter. That same day, my other two girls were at the photo booth, they waited and waited but their picture never came out. Finally, when we had given up, the same gentleman Pirathapan(PK), found us and gave the girls their picture. I just wanted to commend him for going above and beyond customer service duties. Thank You, Bobbi

Good For Tours
by: Jayson

We have a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in my town and should probably consider requesting a tour of it. It is always good for kids to see how food at these places is made and all the work that is still required when you are "out to eat". This could probably be done at any pizza or other restaurant.

by: Skyla

Gee, I did not know that pizza was healthy. Now to get my mom to agree with you. We have one in our hometown, but have never been there. Sounds like we've been missing a good time.

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