Frog Catching

Our Grade 1/2 class went frog catching at a family's home in the country that had a pond. There were a lot of frogs in the pond and we had just learned about frogs in science. Equipped with rubber boots and nets, we caught frogs, looked at them and let them go.

Besides just being a lot of fun and a field trip Grade 1/2 boys could really get into, we learned a lot about ecosystems.

Of course we had this trip on a lovely June day. It was the perfect field trip!

Reply from Annette: That sounds like a great field trip! We have a pond in our back yard too, and like to catch frogs and tadpoles in the summer.

We take our fishing net and sneak down to the edge. The most fun part is that you have to go really slowly, and look hard for them, or they will swim away before you get there.

We also have lots of fun catching the tadpoles regularly and watching their tails shorten and their legs form.

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Great Idea!
by: Alice

Having kids get hands-on with animals in any situation is a good idea. Along with catching the frogs, you could make a lesson out of it my studying the life cycle of a frog, its habitat, what it eats, etc. This could be done with most other animals as well.

by: Sarah

My brothers used to tease and chase me with frogs!

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