Accredited Home School Programs

Choosing Accredited Home Schools

accredited home school programs

What are accredited home school programs?

Good question!

Basically they’re an assurance that your child has successfully completed a certain grade or grades (like high school for example).

In exchange for schoolwork completed properly, accredited home schools give you a certificate of completion.

Examples would be quarterly report cards or homeschool diplomas for graduation from high school. They are proof that your child has successfully completed that particular course of study. Report cards are generally mailed to the student/parents a few weeks after the end of each quarter, very similar to the public school system.

Is accredited homeschooling necessary?

Alpha Omega Academy

That all depends…

If, as a parent, you want peace of mind knowing that your child is learning all the subjects the public school system is covering, then you should consider it. It will also be proof should you choose to put your child back into a conventional school system. The entrance grade level in such a case would be pretty straightforward.

You might think that accreditation is required for college. But it’s not. Many colleges accept a simple homeschool transcript as proof of completing high school. Granted, those quarterly reports would certainly come in handy when preparing your transcript!

What accredited home
schools should I choose?

Do your homework first.

You need to decide if you prefer a traditional public school approach like Abeka or more of an independent study like Alpha Omega. Both of these happen to be Biblically based accredited curriculums. The choice is yours. You won’t go wrong with either one.

Read the rave reviews for Alpha Omega and Abeka.

Understand that most accredited home schools come with a price tag. But it is well worth the price when you consider what you get. There is no doubt that your child will learn.

Who knows, in the end you may decide to start homeschooling and not use any accredited home school programs. That would be okay, too. Only you can choose what is the best learning program for your family.

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