Moms Who Work From Home

Stay at Home Mom Jobs

With the rising costs of meeting the financial needs of their families, the number of Moms who work from home is steadily increasing. If you're like a lot of my friends, your family is important to you and you may be interested in opportunities for moms that work from home. Staying home and running a home-based business where you can involve your kids is the perfect 'real-world' education!

After quitting my job as an Optometric Assistant at a local clinic, I was determined to stay home full time to homeschool. We had put money away into a retirement fund and were watching it slowly grow in value through the years. Everything seemed to be okay...

Then 9-11 struck.

The market was already in a tailspin. Our retirement fund investments were now half their value. We were raising 4 children on one income with college just around the corner. Talk about losing sleep at night! The added stress also put a toll on my health. I suffered from severe abdominal pain that seemed to strike most often at night, adding to the loss of sleep.

Solo Build It!

Would I be forced back into the workplace, a place I did not want to return to? Would I have to put my children into the public school system? I needed to supplement my husband's income without leaving home. So, I searched for stay at home mom jobs.

The most difficult part was locating a job or business that supplied enough income without taking too much time away from the family. Moms who work from home really benefit by finding a business that once it's going, continues to grow without much effort. The family's needs continue to increase even though the children get older. And as our aging parents rely on us more and more, we needed to find something that would free up more of our time in the future.

Was there such a thing?!

My research pointed me toward the idea of building a business that would, in time, have a life all of its own. I dug a little deeper to discover that in order to grow a profitable business in this age of technology, one needs to utilize the internet. The internet would allow for this new business to have 24/7 exposure all over the world!

I was considering building a blog, but I learned that websites outperform blogs. Okay, it sounded like I needed a website. Yah, right. How was I going to build a website?

Then I found Solo Build It!

They said that they can help anyone build a profitable website. Sure. They said that they had a unique way of figuring out your perfect niche for success. Yah, right. They said that their comprehensive Action Guide would take you step-by-step from Brainstorming keywords to getting inbound links. Whatever that means.

But I had to do something, so I decided to give SBI! a try.

The result?...

They were right. I was able to increase my efforts exponentially when I followed the guide, and I mean I followed it. Word for word. With pen in hand, I scratched notes, highlighted, and dog-eared my poor copy, literally absorbing it. More than once. I soon learned how to successfully build a website. We now get hundreds of visitors to our site daily!

Inside this SBI video tour, you'll not only discover how we (the children and I!) created multiple streams of income, but also see how it all works from the inside. Using the tools uncovered in the video, you'll also get insight into how to find the right niche for you.


My children are learning the ways of the web in this world of fast paced technology. Annette has been my right-hand-lady joining the ranks of teens who make money online.

Best of all...

You, too, can give your children the perfect 'real-world' education while homeschooling. Join the ranks of moms who work from home, right where you want to be.

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