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With the advent of the web, now’s the best time for you to help your teens make money online. Annette is taking advantage of this timely situation to not only make some money, but also learn something in the process.

I have always wanted the children to get more experience writing in preparation for college. Because they’re the typical homeschool avid readers, writing has always been relatively easy. Knowing that, our Learn to Earn search led us to build a website helping our teens make money online.

The result?...

We learned much more than we ever would have imagined. And we could not have done it without the help of SiteBuildIt! The tools they provide make the process work. (Even for us with no computer skills to begin with.) Decide for yourself if SBI! can help your teens earn money by clicking around our site!

You won't be the only one...

What an education it has been! Annette will be the first to admit that we have learned a lot. We have gone from knowing nothing about HTML to implementing PPC and learning to use Twitter to send a tweet! I’m not telling you that to brag, just to say that we have come a long way from where we were just a few short months ago. It has been a wonderful journey together, and we’ve only just begun.

So, without further adieu...

Annette takes it from here to tell you exactly what building a web site has done for her…yes this is what's helping my teen make money online.

Apart from knowing how to surf the web (which just about anyone can do), I had very little understanding of computers or the Internet. So when Mom first asked me if I wanted to help her, I was thinking “yeah right!” After finally agreeing, the first day that I helped her I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe how much was involved with just putting pages up on the web for people to read.

Over the past few months I have learned more about how the Internet works than I ever knew from years of web surfing. I have also become pretty adept at helping Mom with some of the problems that come along with computers!

This program has also given me a lot of practice writing in the best way for the average reader that comes to our site. It is really important to write the clearest and shortest way possible so that your reader will not only understand what you are trying to say, but also not lose interest. It is nice to have a writing project that will benefit you down the road, not just an assignment that will be forgotten once your teacher is done grading it!

To help you understand more clearly, I will give you an example. About a year ago I spent many hours writing a five-page paper on the siege of Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War. Although I enjoyed writing it and gathering all of that information, no one has looked at it since, and it is not benefiting anyone sitting in my desk.

On the other hand, the pages that I have written for this web site have been viewed by many Internet surfers, and have hopefully given them the information that they were looking for. Not only that, but there is no knowing how many people will look at them in the future, or what profit it could bring in for me. Knowing this, it really pushes Mom and me to edit and write to the best of our ability.

There you have it...Annette's educational perspective of how teens make money online.

In today's economic world, it's more important than ever to understand the workings of the web. Because of these fast changing times, it's critical to stay current. Educating your teen (and re-tooling yourself!) is necessary to become and remain successful.

Don't depend on a job, depend on yourself!

I know what you're thinking...what to write about! Everyone has a hobby or skill that they know well and could easily write about. Including you!

Find out more about what building a website can do for you...


We have researched lots of alternatives out there and found this to be the best option for helping teens make money online. It has been a very enjoyable, money making, learning experience. Another win-win homeschool reward!

Have a question? You can now actually call and talk with someone who has gone through the whole process. No pressure. Just friendly, helpful advice. Connect with them here, toll free.

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