How to keep track of grades?

by Heather
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

I have been homeschooled for about 2 weeks now and wondering how to keep track of my grades in case I want to go back to public school? I am in 9th grade and I'm doing everything solo.

Also, how do I prove that I've completed certain classes and get credit for them?

Lastly, if I were to stay in homeschool throughout high school, how do I get my diploma so I can go to college?

Diane's Reply to How to keep track of grades?


Congratulations on homeschooling for the first time and going solo! You are going to grow and learn so much in your new environment...I cannot even begin to tell you!

First, let me tell you that the laws in Wisconsin differ from the laws in Texas. I would suggest that you visit and find out exactly what is required of you. We are not required to give grades or homeschool diplomas.

The best way to prove that you've completed certain classes is to keep records! We did that by making a homeschool transcript. There is a sample on that page to show you how we kept a record of classes and grades. (My children always did their "homework" until they got it right which is why I gave them mostly "A's".) It will be good for you to check with the college(s) you plan to attend and make sure that you are taking the right classes to be accepted there.

Besides the transcript, my daughters also took the ACT exam to get into college. They did very well and were easily accepted into the honors program. You will find the information about this Free Online Event helpful.

You're off to a great start. Study well, check with your colleges of interest, and keep good records. It really is just that easy!

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