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How One Family Uses the Abeka Curriculum

Jamie was so relieved to find the Abeka Homeschool Curriculum. She knew if she kept looking she would find a structured Christian program that would give her full confidence to teach her children at home. abeka homeschool curriculum<img src=

Because she pulled her girls from the public school, Jamie found Abeka's DVD home school program very appealing.

Alysa still has her own desk and has settled into her school routine at home very well!

There are three different Abeka programs for you to choose from:

  • #1 - DVD Option. It consists of 2 Programs.

    Program 1 is an accredited college preparatory program providing you with report cards and transcripts through Grade 12.

    Program 2 is non-accredited requiring the parents to keep all records. Both programs cost roughly $1000. That may seem like a lot, but you get a lot! Use the link at the bottom to learn more about how Jamie uses the homeschool DVD program.

  • #2 - Traditional Parent-Directed Option. It, too, is a fully accredited college preparatory program. It is a few hundred dollars cheaper and is only available through the sixth grade.

  • #3 – Textbooks and Materials Option. Lets you pick and choose the textbooks of choice. Abeka does not keep any records for this option.

    abeka homeschool curriculum<img src=

    Abeka offers a multiple children discount on its curriculum, making it easier for larger families to afford.

    Aleah is the youngest of Jamie's daughters.

    In my opinion, if you’re looking for a Biblically structured program, you won't find a better one than the Abeka homeschool curriculum.

    See why and how Jamie uses the Abeka curriculum:

    Abeka Home Schooling
    Abeka Homeschool
    Abeka Homeschool DVD

    Our Abeka Forum is a great place to learn what others are doing or ask your questions. **No Member Login Required**

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