Abeka Home Schooling
Pros and Cons

Using Abeka Academy Curriculum

As with any curriculum, Abeka home schooling also has its pros and cons. For the most part, though, Jamie will tell you that... Abeka Acadamy been a very positive experience.

And that’s where we begin!

abeka home schooling

Each of the girls learn in their own wonderful learning environment.
This is Alysa in her room.

Pros of Abeka Home Schooling

  • Biblically Based - This was the number one reason why Jeff and Jamie chose Abeka. And why they have used it for years. They wanted a curriculum that would weave their Christian beliefs throughout every book. And this was just what they found. There is Biblical focus in every aspect of the Abeka program.

  • Structured - Another benefit that Jamie was looking for. Because she does not have a college degree, she did not feel completely capable of teaching her children. The program provides a manual containing a complete day-by-day schedule of each subject for you to follow. It sure does take a lot of pressure off the parent!

  • DVD Program - The Homeschool DVD program allows Jamie to teach all three of her children with confidence. It also gives the children an actual sense of belonging in a classroom.

  • Penalties – Yes, you read right! It’s an excellent incentive to get your work done on time. If you do not return the rented DVDs in a timely manner, you will be penalized a late fee. It worked well to keep everyone accountable.

  • Phonics - Abeka uses phonics to teach the young ones how to read. Jamie and I agree that phonics is the best. It leads the child to discover that sounds blend together to make words. And isn’t that the goal?!

  • Learning Tricks - All throughout the Abeka home schooling program are little tricks to help your child remember difficult rules in grammar, spelling, etc. Remember the old saying ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’? Abeka books have many such helpful memory tricks.

Cons of Abeka Home Schooling

Jamie and the girls had to think long and hard on this one. They could only come up with one reason why they disliked the program.

  • Too Much Testing - It is not uncommon for Alexa to have daily quizzes. One day in particular she had a health quiz, a math quiz, a spelling test, and a science project due! So there are days when it is almost overwhelming.

    Alexa continues to see her public school friends but likes learning at home best.

    abeka home schooling<img src=

    Alexa is the oldest of Jamie's daughters.

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