Son is Behind

by Michelle

Will I get in trouble if my son is behind in school? I've homeschooled since k5; my son should be in 12th grade this year but he's several years behind in school. He could be caught up but he didn't want to do his schoolwork, now he wants to go to public school. Will he be able to go to public school being behind and will I be in trouble?

Reply from Diane:

That is a good question! It is going to be difficult to make up several years in one year to be able to graduate next spring, no matter what school he decides. The public school will most likely test to see what level he is at. If an entrance exam is required, hopefully he could pass into the 12th grade level, otherwise they will put him in the grade he tested into. The only other option is to cram it in at home.

He is obviously old enough now to realize the importance of a high school education. He really needs to prove he qualifies for that diploma to be able to get a good job or enter college. Any college will also require a transcript of his high school years.

The only other option I can think of would be to work on earning CLEP credits. This will give him actual college credits if he passes the exams. That way he is studying in high school AND getting college credit for it. It's a win-win!

Whatever he decides, he needs to buckle down and get some schoolwork done. Now is the time.

Does anyone else have experience with this?

Thank you for your question. Let us know what he decides.

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