Simple Fundraising
Ideas For Kids

We did a number of simple fundraising ideas for kids in our Homeschool 4 H Club. Some of the kids favorites were selling baked goods, flower bulbs, and pizzas. But the most profitable by far was our annual Brat Fry .

simple fundraising ideas

Laura, Emily, Annette, with friend Libbey at our Brat Fry.

Wisconsin is known for its brats. Every spring, we Wisconsinites can't wait to bite into that first brat of the season! Our club took advantage of our state's weakness and did a brat fry every April.

Most grocery stores in Wisconsin will sponsor a Brat Fry and a local meat market sponsored ours. All we had to do was man the brat stand. That included having one adult present at all times willing to fry the brats and enough children to man the window and cash.

Lunchtime was very busy. Oftentimes we ran out of brats. (Yes, we love our brats!) Thankfully, they were willing to wait if they didn't want a hamburger. The meat market was right next door, so if we needed more brats/hamburgers, we just walked over and grabbed more. Soda, chips, and cookies were also available to enhance the flavor of the bratwurst.

It was fun and a great learning experience for everyone! The children learned how to plan, make change, and handle food for customers. And Mom learned how to fry 30 brats at once, quickly.

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