Save on Crafts

Practical Money Saving Tips

For Your Homeschool School Supplies

Practical money saving tips to help you save on crafts,
books, and school supplies.

save on crafts
Craft supplies

The cheapest place to buy all your craft supplies would be the dollar store, where everything is a dollar! If the dollar store doesn't have what you need, try Wal-Mart, or Target. They have a lot of different craft supplies.

Craft stores tend to be the most expensive. Only go to a craft store if these discount stores do not have what you're looking for, because they have the best selection.

You can usually get coupons in the mail for 40-50% off one item. If you're purchasing more than one item, use your coupon on the most expensive one and have them ring it up separately! Then pay for the rest of your items. If you pay for them all together and use the coupon, they will use the coupon on your cheapest item.


The ultimate way to save money on books is the library. It doesn't cost anything to get a card, or borrow books. And you would be surprised at some of the books they carry. But, sometimes the library doesn't have every single book we need.

Another idea would be to find a homeschool friend who is doing the same curriculum as you, and you could swap books.

The next best way is to buy used. They are usually super cheap. Books definitely drop in price after being used. The best places to buy used books is the library, thrift stores, used book stores, home school conventions, or online (like Amazon or Ebay).

If you decide to buy new books, make sure to shop around. I have seen the same book at one store for $30 dollars and another store for $10. A good place to buy new books for cheap would be Tj Maxx or similar stores. They usually have a book section and each new book costs about $3-$7.

Join a book club like Scholastic! They usually have books a few dollars cheaper than the stores.

In Wisconsin, Borders gives a 20% discount for educational materials. I'm not sure if they do in every state so check with your local Borders. When shopping bring in a copy of your form that you submitted to the DPI and they will give you an educators discount card that you can use for every trip.

School supplies (paper, pens, crayons, etc.)

The best time of year to buy school supplies is August and September. That's when everything goes greatly on sale. Instead of spending $2.00 for a box a crayons, it costs $0.25, so I will stock up for the whole year.

Another cheap way would be buying things at the dollar store. Sometimes they have good brands for only a dollar.

A fellow bargain hunter,

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