Save Money on Groceries

Practical Money Saving Tips

Here are a few more random ideas to help you save money on groceries.
save money on groceries

  • Make sure you don't shop hungry. The hungrier you are the more food you're more likely to buy.

  • Some people say to shop without kids because they tend to ask for things. The more they ask for, the more likely you are to get them something they don't need. Some grocery stores offer a free day care, where they will watch your kids while you shop. But, my daughter hasn't reached that I want everything faze yet. So, I really enjoy taking her shopping with me. It's up to you and your kids, really. Consider it a homeschool field trip! :)

  • Don't buy cookbooks unless you really love them. I don't know how many times I've purchased a cookbook for just one recipe and then never opened it again. You can find all sorts of free recipes online. Also, you can check out cookbooks for free from the library.

  • Make sure you go to the grocery store only once a week. The more “quick” little shopping trips you do, the more money you will spend. I don't know how many times I've walked into the grocery store for just a few things that I really needed and came out with a cart full of things I didn't need.

  • Go one day a week without eating meat. You'll be surprised how much your grocery bill can go down just by taking one day out of the week to not eat meat.

  • Write a list. I cannot stress this enough. I used to not write a list when I went grocery shopping and I would spend hundreds of dollars on things I thought I needed and when I got home I had no meal planned. It was just a bunch of random groceries that looked good.

  • Don't be distracted. Shut off your cell phone. If your kids aren't listening don't bring them with you. The more distracted you are the more likely you are going to put needless things into your cart. And the less likely you are to look at prices.

  • Don't buy things at the check-out counter. I know, all those candy bars look good. Those magazines look very interesting. But, they are overpriced and not worth your money.

  • Think about buying off brand foods. Some actually taste like the real thing. Some off brands, I will admit are gross, like mac and cheese. Try them out and figure out which ones you like. You will be surprised how much your grocery bill can go down just by saving a few cents on a bunch of items.

  • Take cash instead of credit cards. Leave the credit cards at home in general. It's easy to not overspend when you only have a certain amount of money with you.

  • Take your own lunch to work!

  • Have a left over night once a week.

    Experiment and save money on groceries!

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