Save Money On Bills

More Practical Money Saving Tips

On a Variety of Expenses!

Most homeschool families are usually looking to save money on bills! Hopefully you'll find a few you never thought of below!


    If you have two phones (cell and home lines) decide, if you really need both and only keep the one you use most. If you need a cell phone, but only use it for emergency, think about investing in a track phone.


    One of the best ways to save money on bills is to shop around for insurance: Car, Home, Rental, Dental, Health, and Life insurance. Even if you already have it, it doesn't hurt getting quotes from others to see if you can get it cheaper.


  • Decide whether or not you need cable or internet in your home.

  • Why pay for satellite radio when you can listen to music for free on your local radio stations?

Credit Cards

    Really think about if you need credit cards before you sign up for one. Interest rates are high and can cost you greatly in the end.

Gyms and Other Workout Centers

  • I thought about joining a gym right after I had my daughter. The cost was $30 dollars a month with a year contract which totals to $360 a year. I lived in Florida where it was very hot; almost impossible to workout outside without passing out. So, I figured joining a gym would be best for working out. I was planning on joining the gym by the next Monday. But, a few days beforehand, I found a lady who was selling a treadmill.

    The treadmill was only a year old and she was selling it because she never used it and felt bad because it was collecting dust. She was selling it for $150 dollars. I ended up buying it from her for $100. I've had it now for 3½ years and it still works great. If you divide the price by how many years I had it so far, it only cost me $28.57 a year. That's $2.37 a month! And the price just goes down each year it continues to work. In the last 3½ years I have saved $1,160 if you minus the $100 I used to buy the treadmill.

  • Another great way you can save money on working out (besides going to the gym or buying your own equipment) would be to invest in workout movies, or renting them. You can even check them out from the library for free. You could even workout, outside for free, if the temperature is right.


    The cheapest way to save money on your hair is to do it yourself. If you're afraid to do it yourself, then another cheap way is to go to a hair stylist school. They usually do your hair for a cheaper price than salons. If you don't have a hair stylist school near you, another cheap way to save money would be to talk to your hair dresser and see if they would be willing to do your hair at their home instead of the salon. They make more money that way and it's cheaper for you. When a hairstylist does your hair at a salon, they don't get to keep much of the money they charge you. But, when they do it at their house, they get to keep all the money therefore they charge you way less. If you don't know a hairstylist that would do that for you look for coupons! I have found great coupons for cuts, highlights, and full head hair dyes.

Garbage bill

  • Recycle.

  • Two words. Compost bin. Not only will it help out your garden, but it will cut your garbage in half. Therefore you can get a smaller dumpster, which equals less money.

  • Bring your cans and metal to a recycling plant. They will give you money for your metal.

  • Donate clothing and other household items to thrift stores, homeless shelters, and churches.

  • If your children are still in diapers, think about using cloth diapers! Not only is it better for your babies, it's also better for the environment and landfills. You won't have to buy larger dumpsters to hold all of those diapers.

    Now, go save money on bills!

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