Proof of Work

by Nancy @
(Indianapolis, IN)

My daughter is in eighth grade and I wonder if we have to keep a record as proof of work done? Is it necessary to keep everything she does in case there is ever any question? I'm not sure what I am doing and trying to figure things out. I'm in Indianapolis and confused, wondering if they want to know all the curriculum. I am making this harder than it is, I'm sure!

Reply for Proof of Work by Diane:

Congratulations, Nancy! It sounds like you're a new homeschool mom! And because you're new, you seem anxious to cover all your bases. That is only natural, we have all been there. Yes, I think you may be making it harder than it is. Here are a couple suggestions.

1. Read over the homeschool laws for Indiana. They appear to be very similar to Wisconsin's laws as I notice there are no teacher qualifications or standardized tests required. You must keep attendance records.

2. Keep a spiral of subjects you've covered by grade. Even though it does not look like it's required, I would do it anyway. It's just nice to look back and see what you've accomplished. And it comes in very handy as proof of work for the high school transcript for next year.

3. There must be a homeschool support group in the Indianapolis area. Try checking your local newspaper or your library. Many homeschooling families hang out there and get to know the librarian very well! She could connect you with the right person to get you started.

4. Continue to do what you're doing, supplying her with subject materials and watch her grow!

5. Then enjoy this time together. It will slip by all too fast, believe me.

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