Money Saving Techniques

Saving Money on Birthdays

Here's a list of birthday money saving techniques!

money saving techniques

  • Make your own food for parties.

  • Make your own decorations.

  • Make your own cake.

  • Only invite a small group of people.

  • Take only the birthday child out to do something fun! If they have siblings explain that they will get their chance on their birthday.

  • Have the birthday party at home.

  • Go to a restaurant where the birthday child gets a free special treat.

  • Buy your own helium tank. A helium tank that is sold at Walmart and Target cost $25.00 and lasts us about two birthday parties.

    money saving techniques

  • Buy a cloth happy birthday banner that you can use again and again.

  • Make your pinata.

  • Go to places that have free admission for the birthday child.

  • Play games with things that you already have around the house, like musical chairs.

  • Don't do goody bags. You can spend a bunch of money on worthless toys. Give each child a balloon. Or have them do crafts and let them take home the craft they made.

  • Buy party supplies at the dollar store, or Walmart and Target. Party stores are overpriced.

  • Make your own invitations.

  • Have the party at a free location, like the park.

    money saving techniques

    Riley's dreaming of her big day!

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