How Kids Can Make Money

Have you ever wondered how kids can make money and still learn something in the process?

I have.

First let's address the question:
How can kids make money?

There are plenty of books and sites to help you get started. Jeanne Kiefer's book, Jobs for Kids, has a number of ideas listed for your child.

You could also visit Money Instructor for a page devoted entirely to how kids make money.

Sure, your children can always mow lawns, baby sit or deliver papers. And yes, they will make money at all those things.

But what are they learning? And how much are they really making?

Some of Garrett’s homeschool friends had jobs delivering papers. But when they sat down and actually figured out the time they spent preparing and delivering the papers, they were barely making minimum wage! And the papers had to be delivered every day, no matter what the weather. How much fun do you think that was during a Wisconsin winter?!

Don’t get me wrong.

I totally believe that children benefit from having some work experience. A little spending money is always a good thing, too! But honestly, exactly what are they learning by mowing someone else’s lawn? Well, maybe patience. ;o)

Here's the deal...

It's crucial that you lay the groundwork for understanding money.

Kids need to learn important skills like budgeting, purchasing, decision making, and goal setting. Ron and Judy Blue cover them all in their excellent book: Money Matters for Parents and Their Kids . They include a number of helpful examples, charts, and worksheets for you to use.

Games are a great way to learn about Life and Money. Money Games for Kids lists some of our favorites. These games will give them practical experience for understanding the cost of living.

You could also get a copy of Whatever Happened To Penny Candy? by Richard Maybury and read it to your children. It will open up your eyes to why there is inflation and high taxes. Who knows? It may even spark an interest in economics, like it did for Laura!

Best of all...

Once you’ve played the games and read the books we recommend above, your child will be ready to make some real money of their own. That does not always mean working for someone else. Doesn’t the word entrepreneur have a nice ring to it?

Annette is learning how teens make money online right now!

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