5 Timely Ways to Enjoy
Homeschooling Toddlers

How in the world does one keep homeschooling toddlers happy? Is it really possible to avoid the Terrible Twos and create a Terrific Toddler?

When we had been married almost ten years, we were blessed with our first child. After that many years, you can imagine the adjustment that needed to be made in our routines! My husband's aunt cautioned us about babies as they tend to run the family with their own schedules. And she was right. But, good grief, how long was it to go on, I wondered?

homeschooling toddlers
Homeschooling toddlers or preschoolers can be exhausting, I know. I had four of them.

But it can be rewarding, also. Patience my friend. You can enjoy those little ones.

Looking for ways to keep you preschooler occupied? Check out these ten home school ideas that will do just that!

Emily doesn't always smile doing dishes now, but she still does them!

Time With Mom

I cannot stress this enough, take time to enjoy your homeschool children. If the dusting does not get done this week, so be it! Better yet, give your little one a cloth and do it together! Toddlers love to be around you. They will learn so much just by "helping" with the dishes, laundry, meals, etc.

We had a stool available in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room just so that the little ones could help, too. Yes, it may take you a little longer when you hear, "Let me do it!" But, it won't be long and they'll be doing it on their own. I'll never forget how impressed my mother-in-law was when she babysat the kids for us. Our home school preschool children showed her everything from loading the dishwasher to running the washing machine.

Time With Siblings

homeschooling toddlers

The children spent the majority of their afternoons playing. In the basement of our home, we have a room finished off that has been deemed The Playroom. It took me awhile to finally figure out that we needed to put a lock on the toy-closet door! That put a limit on how many toys our homeschooling toddlers could drag out in one play session.

How Laura found enough hair of Emily's to curl, I'll never know!

By far their favorite was the Playmobil set that we always referred to as "The Little House" people. Little House on the Prairie was one of our favorite books, so they naturally pretended to be on the prairie. Over the years we have obtained scores of "people" and each one of them was given a name. And they still know each of them by name to this day! We continue "playing" by decorating cakes with different themes.

The children made this cake with a Packer theme.

homeschooling toddlers

Time Alone

Now if you have older children you are trying to teach, you obviously need some one-on-one with them. This is where our homeschooling toddlers need to learn contentment. They are such curious creatures that it really does not take much to occupy their minds.

Open your mind! Look around and see what you can give them to explore. Check out that closet or cupboard that needs cleaning (we all have one!). I know you will discover something safe that he/she can play with. It can be as simple as a flashlight or pot with a wooden spoon to a file box with a few cards in it.

Look around your home for ideas; the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination so that he can use his. You will on occasion rely on a video or rotate a toy box or puzzle, etc. And that's okay.

But do try to create new sources of exploration for children; this will instill creativity in them. Discovery and creativity is just the ticket for our homeschooling toddlers!

Time As A Family

homeschooling toddlers

Evenings with Dad were a highlight of the day. He would often unwind from a day at work just playing with the children. Time before bed was reserved for reading or sing-a-long. Of course we had times during the day that I would read or one of the older children would read to the younger ones. But this time as a family was special and we all looked forward to it.

Dad needed Laura and Emily's help.


I repeat, anytime! As you might have guessed by now, homeschooling preschoolers can sometimes be difficult. Granted, there will be times when discipline methods may come in handy. But, because they are so inquisitive, it sometimes only appears as though they are getting into trouble. Look again. They are learning! Delight in the mischief of toddlerhood. You'll be glad you did as you move into home schooling kindergarten!

While reminiscing, Erma Bombeck once put it, "I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains." Remember this and you will enjoy homeschooling toddlers.

Are you looking for 10 Great Parenting Tips to promote independence in your toddler? The Christian Women Rock website is full of encouragement. Check it out!

Guess who this is 'cause she won't let me tell you!

homeschooling toddlers

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